February 28, 2011

100 posts and the 4th silver

this is my 100 posts! say yeay!!

for this special 100 posts, i have good news. first, our quick-witted team got silver!it's the 4th silver for our class. congratulation to stevent, KW, and amo. actually we could get gold because we had the same score with 2sci01 but at last we lost 50 points for the mistaken answer. but nevermind our team has done their best. second, finally we have finished decoring our mading! felt relive and satisfied, i hope we could get medals. and third, our recycle team also made it into big 4! congratulations once again to 2science3!

our mading decoration

mading team minus lia and eni

2science3's quick-witted team

2science3 and 2science1 quick-witted team

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