February 28, 2011

100 posts and the 4th silver

this is my 100 posts! say yeay!!

for this special 100 posts, i have good news. first, our quick-witted team got silver!it's the 4th silver for our class. congratulation to stevent, KW, and amo. actually we could get gold because we had the same score with 2sci01 but at last we lost 50 points for the mistaken answer. but nevermind our team has done their best. second, finally we have finished decoring our mading! felt relive and satisfied, i hope we could get medals. and third, our recycle team also made it into big 4! congratulations once again to 2science3!

our mading decoration

mading team minus lia and eni

2science3's quick-witted team

2science3 and 2science1 quick-witted team

February 26, 2011

happy sweet 17th lady pinpin!

tonight was really a great night. vynlia (pinle) was having her sweet 17th bday party with us. me, ceha, asoi, makjul, erni, ave, devani, gracia, fefe(nixon's gf), rk, larry, awi, andrean, freddy, KW, cheli, amo, stevent, and nixon. she invited us at grand duck king cambridge and finished eating, we headed to moviegoers and watch haunting in connecticut. it was indeed a super scary horror movie, as i, ave, and fefe kept closing our eyes. pinle and ceha, who usually watch all types of movie, said that this movie was really scary.i kept looking on my phone or talking to both ave and fefe. we didnt take many photos today because my camera was almost out of battery and something happened with pinle's camera. but today was really a memorable night.


devani and the birthday girl :D

makjul, me, ave, ceha

erni, gracia, fefe

all of us

special girls edition

note :
congrats for my class 3rd silver! claristy and asoi you guys rockkkkkkk !!
and for tomorrow quick-witted, recycle, and mading, get the gold for our class yeah!!

February 20, 2011

2 silvers till now


im gonna update about this year's p2s1. lack of preparation is the most suitable word for this event. im not saying our osis arent hardworking, but so many things has happened since the first day of p2s1. im not gonna list it, as i dont know the details. i just hope they can increase their professionalism and try their best in this event. they have chosen their path to be members of our school organisation (OSIS) and indeed it is their responsibility to have maintained and managed these kind of things. i see people keep critizing their work on twitter and facebook. i wont be in anyone's side, but just see the positive part. they critized you to make your work better. last year osis was great. no cancelling schedule (as i know) and i thought their judgement was fair and far better from this year. i hope in the upcoming event, osis work will be better. i also appreciate all your hardwork that has been done till now. :D

by the way, our classes have gotten 2 silvers till now! putera in reading poem competition and claristy, stevent, and pramono in english debate competition. congrats for you guys! although we lose in other competition, but let's get the best for this event. i myself gonna work hard with makjul, asoi, pinle, devani, and ceha to serve our best in mading as we go to final and ceha, pinle, devani, shenni, and fivi gonna make it in recycle competition. and we also still have stevent, pramono, and kendrick in quick-witted competition. get the gold!

February 14, 2011

happy v-day, jomblo elit!


this morning i received so many chocolates. i want to thank everybody for the chocolates. they were indeed very delicious! i felt so full because of the chocolates :D
in this v0day, i, asoi, and makjul talked about jomblo ngenes and jomblo elite.
jomblo ngenes = someone's single because no one chased after her
jomblo elite = someone's single because she hasnt found the right guy yet
i laughed because of these definitions by asoi and makjul. we sang many songs today, celebrating v-day, and laughed all the time. and i promised myself i will make chocolates next year since it will be our last year of shs. too bad.

all of these chocolates were mad by makjul WOW

makjul's chocolate special for me :D

and a green one! i love green!!

February 08, 2011

XI-IA-03 with mrs.Dahniar

yesterday afternoon we went to mrs. dahniar house to say happy CNY to her and having chit chat for a while. at first, our plan was just a soso talk that i thought we would cancel it because lack of preparation like what time we must gather, where we should meet, and whose teacher house we were going to visit. when i bbm-ed asoi (shelly) sunday night, she said the possibility she wouldn't join us on monday was high and based on that, i was lazy to go out and i felt like i wanted to spend the whole monday at home watching dvds and browsing.

monday morning 8am.
i bbm-ed asoi again asking if she would join today but she didnt reply me and i took that as a YES so i didnt prepared myself for going somewhere.

monday morning 10pm.
asoi suddenly replied me when i was relaxing myself watching secret garden AGAIN and she said she could join today! i was like aksjfadkg as my mom was just went out to send my brother playing futsal and she would directly go to her office which was far far away from my house. i said i could join them today if somebody could fetch me. at last, when i and asoi were panicked because no one could fetched us, finally ceha replied my bbm and she said she'd arrive at my house soon. asoi also said her aunt could sent her to my friend's house. and at that time i wouldn't realise my closet was locked by my mom and she brought the key with her! i was like a lunatic went back and forth finding my clothes with the minimum time before ceha arrived at my home. you couldn't imagine how i felt at that time.

monday noon 11am.
we arrived at larry's house. most of them had arrived (RK, awi, andrean, cheli, lia, eni, jeje, shierly, shenni, katherine) but asoi, makjul, pinle, devani, freddy, nixon, and erni hadn't arrived so we waited for them. first we planned to set off at 10.30 but at last we went there at 12pm. we arrived at mrs.dahniar house at almost 1pm because we got lost in the middle of our way to find her house. pathetic. we talked a lot with her and even took photos! she was so kind and i thought we were so lucky to get a form teacher like her for our 1st grade shs. finished visiting mrs.dahniar, all of us agreed to go to sun and had our lunch there. we watched SHAOLIN at 5pm. too bad jeje, shierly, shenni, and katherine didnt join us. it was a great movie. awi and asoi had watched it before but they decided to watch it once again with us.


inside larry's car

welcoming pinle and others who were in her car LOL

mrs. dahniar and the boys

mrs. dahniar and the girls

mrs. dahniar with XI-IA-03

waiting for others in front of bread life

candid by asoi

asoi and lia

February 07, 2011

happy sweet 17th dear cousin

my cousin, ko unsun, celebrated his sweet 17th in jw marriott's jade resto. it was indeed a high class resto but i didnt really like the food. my cousin is only older 2 months than me. we born in the same year but now he's in 3rd grade shs while i was still in 2nd grade shs. for that reason, i called him "koko" since i was small and it's been years now calling him like that.


he's on the left (birthday boy)

February 02, 2011

CNY's eve 2011

just came back from my grandma's house at brahrang, binjai. we ate sangwo all together, and i felt really full now. some of my cousins stayed there for tonight, as we stayed there tomorrow night. no outfit post for today because my outfit today was so simple and i didnt wear any accesories. tomorrow gonna be a tiring day. we will go to others house and get angpao. don't you excited? :D

a longgggg queue to get our angpaos

our photographer of the day


February 01, 2011

what is inside KIM JOOWON's house?

this is my second post for today, and i think i should post this as soon as i saw these pictures. i was browsing for joowon's house pictures and what i found amazed me so much!! i've been adoring this house since i watched secret garden. the design, the color, everything.

first february

nothing special today but i just wanna greet everybody "Hello now it's already february! time flew fast, didnt it?" im having a super great flu, makes me less excited for tomorrow's sacapmeh. yes, we chinese people always have a big feast at sacapmeh before we celebrate chinese new year. this flu has been "attacking" me since yesterday. first i got sore throat because of eating too much CNY cookies without drinking water. next i started to have a cold. and now tissue is really an important thing to me. that's not a nice thing to start february right?