January 03, 2011

hello 2011

i think im a bit late in welcoming 2011. i've just gone back from vacation and loveeeeeeeeeee it so much. i went to singapore to celebrate new year, but unfortunately we just spent it inside the hotel. it just so not cool eww.

but what i love about my vacation is i got lotssss of keroppi things! perfecto! and finally i knew where haji lane was. it's really hard to find that street. i asked many people but just a few of them knew where it was. there's a shop selling colorful shoes and i love all of them and at last, i bought a yellow shoes.

and at last, i'll made my 2011's resolution which is:
1. smarter, skinnier, slimmer, taller, kinder, prettier, blablabla
2. watch TVXQ concert live (my dream forever)
3. got an iPhone and dslr!
4. a super greeny room
5. get into my favorite university

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