January 31, 2011


rawr!! i've been in loved with shoes now! everytime i saw cute shoes, i just wanted to grab it and made it mine. and this is what happened now when i saw new collection of UP. i cant resist anything related to batik. cant you see this shoes is sooooooooooo adorable?!

January 30, 2011

blue dress and scarf

attending my auntie's birthday party at her house this morning. my aunt was turning to 44 this year and i hope she get all the best this year and the following years. happy birthday auntie!

in the afternoon, we went to the grand opening of PECEL LELE LELA which is my uncle's. last time we went to the soft opening too, but it wasn't as crowded as today. some of my friends went there but i didn't meet. maybe because i went home earlier. their lele were delicious and they have extraordinary lele menu.

dress - sandra, headband - mother's scarf,
bracelet - modified necklace, shoes - UP wedges

nearer look for my headband

andddddddd anjani black again and again!
i love this UP wedges!

January 29, 2011

ticket ticket ticket

i've got the ticket!! yes the ticket of u-kiss mini concert in mikie holiday, brastagi. i was so happy that my mom allowed me to watch them. at first i wasn not sure whether my mom would allow me. i immediately asked my mom as soon as i knew this concert new, and she allowed me. luckily the ticket price were not so expensive compared to other artists ticket price. it's on 5 march and it's national holiday!! and there's no exam at that time wohoooo!! actually i want to ask my cousin to accompany me watching them, but at that time he has also bought jay chou's ticket concert in malaysia. i thought im gonna watch them by myself and what surprised me was stevanie's seat was right beside me!! im gonna watch the concert with her and her sister!!

January 25, 2011

secret garden

i've been watching secret garden recently, and i enjoyed the story very much. indeed it has a different storyline with baker king but i love this one too. talking about a rich guy and a not-very-poor girl, quarreling all the time, and when they in their climax of quarreling, their soul got swapped. my favorite part of this drama is when kim joo won (hyun bin) said "Is this the best? Are you sure?" and the popular foam kiss !! and another thing that attracts me is the sparkling tracksuit. i laughed everytime i saw joo won mentioning about his italian-made tracksuit.

January 15, 2011

happy birthday my little sister

yesterday night we're celebrating my little sister's birthday in hee lai ton restaurant. it's a new resto and the food was also delicious. we invited all our my cousins and we had fun there. i miss my cousins a lot since it's been a long time we didnt gather.

happy birthday to my sister!

my super beautiful mom :D

what i wore for yesterday night

my lovely cousins i miss you !!

our whole relatives plan to swim together tomorrow morning and it's gonna be fun!

my little sister dares to swim in adult pool omaigad

and happy birthday once again to patricia

January 07, 2011

January 03, 2011

hello 2011

i think im a bit late in welcoming 2011. i've just gone back from vacation and loveeeeeeeeeee it so much. i went to singapore to celebrate new year, but unfortunately we just spent it inside the hotel. it just so not cool eww.

but what i love about my vacation is i got lotssss of keroppi things! perfecto! and finally i knew where haji lane was. it's really hard to find that street. i asked many people but just a few of them knew where it was. there's a shop selling colorful shoes and i love all of them and at last, i bought a yellow shoes.

and at last, i'll made my 2011's resolution which is:
1. smarter, skinnier, slimmer, taller, kinder, prettier, blablabla
2. watch TVXQ concert live (my dream forever)
3. got an iPhone and dslr!
4. a super greeny room
5. get into my favorite university