December 18, 2010

when will you make it better?

im mad today. really mad.
it's just because a simple thing. blackout. actually i wont get mad easily just because of this little thing. but can you imagine blackout for 24 hours?! it's crazy! it started yesterday 9 pm when i was studying biology. i almost finished reviewing it when suddenly blackout. i thought i would be lasted for 4-5 hours as it usually did. when i woke up in the morning it's still blackout! even after i went home after exam at 12.30 pm it's still remained the same T_______T

at last the light came at 8pm! ohmygod how can you survived living in this country when blackout for a long time is just a common thing. this had happened for the past few years where blackout everyday isn't kinda weird. when will our country gonna be a developed country?

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