December 26, 2010

happy 7th anniversary TVXQ

it's been 3 years since i knew TVXQ. the first song i knew was "O" jeong.ban.hap. at that time, i accidentally heard their song and i asked who sang this song and they said TVXQ. there, i directly love them. then i knew that they debuted in 26 december 2003 at britney showcase with boa, they were 5 members boyband, and they were no.1 in asia! i listened to most of their songs and i liked it all. although many new boybands were coming out at that time, but my mind has stuck with TVXQ. i couldnt change my heart to love other boyband like i love TVXQ that much. and when then problems came in 2009 i was shocked. they were in the peak of their success and why just these things suddenly appeared? but with these things happened, we (cassiopeia) always keep the faith. making trending topics in twitter, hoping TVXQ will know our hardwork. in october yoochun, jaejoong, and junsu (JYJ) made their twitter account! i was just too happy at that time that i directly follow them. and now, when SM announced that TVXQ gonna comeback with 2 members, i didnt know what to do. but as a cassiopeia i'll always support them, whether JYJ or HoMin, they're forever TVXQ.


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