December 26, 2010

happy 7th anniversary TVXQ

it's been 3 years since i knew TVXQ. the first song i knew was "O" jeong.ban.hap. at that time, i accidentally heard their song and i asked who sang this song and they said TVXQ. there, i directly love them. then i knew that they debuted in 26 december 2003 at britney showcase with boa, they were 5 members boyband, and they were no.1 in asia! i listened to most of their songs and i liked it all. although many new boybands were coming out at that time, but my mind has stuck with TVXQ. i couldnt change my heart to love other boyband like i love TVXQ that much. and when then problems came in 2009 i was shocked. they were in the peak of their success and why just these things suddenly appeared? but with these things happened, we (cassiopeia) always keep the faith. making trending topics in twitter, hoping TVXQ will know our hardwork. in october yoochun, jaejoong, and junsu (JYJ) made their twitter account! i was just too happy at that time that i directly follow them. and now, when SM announced that TVXQ gonna comeback with 2 members, i didnt know what to do. but as a cassiopeia i'll always support them, whether JYJ or HoMin, they're forever TVXQ.


December 25, 2010


we wish you a merry christmas
we wish you a merry christmas
we wish you a merry christmas
and a happy new year


note :
tommorow is TVXQ's 7 years anniversary!please join us tomorrow in twitter to make them trending topics.
"We're trending #7yearsforTVXQ on December 26 at 12:01AM & 7PM KST/JST to celebrate our boys' 7th anniversary :) Please spread! Thank you~" - @onetvxqforums

December 23, 2010

2nd day out

yesterday after exam has finished, we planned to hang out together. ACGJSV with erni, filbert (awi), larry, pramono (amo), and freddy. we went to cambrigde instead of sun, as we want to watch movie in our own cinema (read: moviegoers). this was what i wore yesterday.

we met there at 2pm. makjul, asoi, and avel were late because of traffic. and first we went to moviegoers to book place first but unfortunately something happened. finally we solved it and we decided to watch an american haunting. my comment : not a recommended film that until now i still didnt understand the story.

December 21, 2010

mother's day!

finally tomorrow is the last day of exam. i've been waiting for it since the first day and it means countdown 3 days to go! im not going to tell what will happen but im just too excited! we'll have a little exam celebration for tomorrow with the pisangs, going to moviegoers to watch movie and blablabla.

plus, tomorrow is mother's day! actually i havent prepared something for my mom. i dont know what i'd give to her but we'll see what ideas gonna pop up in my mind.

December 18, 2010

when will you make it better?

im mad today. really mad.
it's just because a simple thing. blackout. actually i wont get mad easily just because of this little thing. but can you imagine blackout for 24 hours?! it's crazy! it started yesterday 9 pm when i was studying biology. i almost finished reviewing it when suddenly blackout. i thought i would be lasted for 4-5 hours as it usually did. when i woke up in the morning it's still blackout! even after i went home after exam at 12.30 pm it's still remained the same T_______T

at last the light came at 8pm! ohmygod how can you survived living in this country when blackout for a long time is just a common thing. this had happened for the past few years where blackout everyday isn't kinda weird. when will our country gonna be a developed country?

December 16, 2010


first, i want to say happy birthday to our dolphin xiah junsu! yesterday was his and his twins birthday, kim junho (stage name:zuno). cassies were celebrating it by making #XIAHday as trending topics and we did it! it became first worldwide. woho cassies love! and luckily i captured it.

and what i want to say is : happy birthday xiah wish you the best with JYJ and TVXQ (i really hope for this) and your musical carreer. always OMGsun! 으걍걍 ♥

December 15, 2010

i wear UP!

ohhhhhh my UP shoes has finally arrived! i ordered it on 8th dec and it was written that we must wait 1-2 weeks till the shoes arrived at our place. and after waiting for a week my shoes arrived today! i love it to the max! the batik design really amazed me. i always loved batik, and i try to get things related to batik. actually i never bought heels before and this is my first time. when i tried to wear it, it's so comfy!

and now im craving for kate black!

December 14, 2010

exams and good luck

tomorrow we, sutomoers SHS, gonna face our semester exam. im not well-prepared yet, but i'll do my best for this exam. other schools will have their holiday this week, while we still facing semester exam. every year, sutomo is the last for having semester exam in december, but we're the first having semester exam in may. i love when we get the fastest semester schedule, better than being the latest who get holiday.

chemistry gonna be the first for us the 2science students and bahasa is the last. im waiting for holiday, as i and my girls have noted down our schedule! 23rd december please come faster!

and for all sutomoers, GOOD LUCK and GET BEST SCORES!

December 12, 2010

changing blog url

im finding difficulty in deciding the right url for my blog. im bored with the old one, and i thought it's too difficult to be remembered. so with the suggestion of my friend, i decided to change it.

instead of changing blog's url, i also wanna tell that now im superrrrrrrrr in love with shoes! i visited fashion blogs really often now and my favourite are hot chocolate and mint and glisters and blisters. their style inspired me so much! and as you know diana's rikasari from hot chocolate and mint has also opened an online shoeshop UP. i love all of her shoes collection :D

December 03, 2010

early december

today is 3rd of december and it's my class number! many things will happen this december. semester exam, HSK result, and christmas holiday! im waiting for it. a long holiday for this first semester. and i've also started my korean course. im sorry i cant tell where it is, but it's really nice. my teacher is very kind and he is so welcomed.

since early december i've started to take daily exercises. treadmill, sit up, and exercising using dumbell. my mom told me to be skinnier and im trying now. i hope by the next chinese new year i'd have be skinnier :D