November 25, 2010

XI-IA-03 teachers day

today was a great teachers day! although last year our teachers day celebration was greater, but this time the event hold by OSIS was a success! we also bought cakes for our teachers. unfortunately i didnt have photos of the cakes. i brought my camera today, as i knew that we would take so many photos. and these were the results.

i made 3 photos compilation of my girl classmates. i took photos almost with all of them but i thought i miss 3 people.i'd been searching for them, but i didnt see them and by the time i saw them, i could have forgotten what i wanted to do.

this was makjul's paice style!

XI-IA-03 with ms.yeni

freddy helped me took class photos! thanks a lot! :D

pinle, me, and erni

our form teacher ms.liang with larry (class monitor) and claristy (vice monitor)

the girls with ms.liang

candid photo! i love this!

the boys with ms.liang

hula style --> makjul, erni, and me

asoi's special hug for me ♥

SNSD hoot style --> kekel and erni

kekel and erni were trying to be as cool as juvi


freddy, kekel, and stevent

and these were our hottest couples!

1st couple : larry and ceha

2nd couple : asoi and stevent

3rd couple : wismoyo and erni

and our lovely mrs.dahniar!

ms.liang with mrs.dahniar

mrs.dahniar agreed to take photos with all of us!

the girls with mrs.ross erny, our chemistry teacher
and the boys with mrs.ross erny

and the girls with mrs.lie lie, our maths teacher!

mr.ponirin, our humorist civics teacher!

with our bahasa teacher mrs.nainggolan

and the last special photos of the day : all blok A's teacher! ♥

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