November 24, 2010

X-03's teachers day

i was thinking about doing something special due to tomorrow's teachers day and these things suddenly popped up in my mind. im going to make a nostalgia about our past teachers day event with X-03.

last year we bought cakes for all of our teachers and for our lovely form teacher, mrs.dahniar, we bought her a special cake bigger than other teachers one. last year teachers day was on wednesday and usually on teachers day we only enter first two lessons and next we enjoyed teachers day event made by OSIS. lucky for us, our first two lessons were chemistry and mrs.dahniar was our chemistry teacher. we quickly prepared the cake before she entered our class, and we also agreed to sing "teacher's hymn" for her. when she entered our class and we finished greeted her, none of us started to sing. i was afraid we wouldn't sing for her, but suddenly asoi started singing and all of us sang too. she was pleased and i was about to cry. she thanked us for the cake and the song, and when she taught us, she looked nervous and her markers kept falling from her hands. i thought we, X-03, were very lucky to have a very perfect form teacher like mrs.dahniar.

after the first two lessons had ended, we went outside the class to look for our flowers board and we couldn't find ours! all of us were panicked since the event was about to start. we kept calling the florist asking for ours, and it was said our flower board was on the way. after waiting for some time finally our flower board arrived. then we went looking for other teachers to give them the cakes. all of them accepted it, only HL ignored it. i didnt know why but he said he didnt eat oily food. we told him just to take the cake even if he didnt eat it. he could just give it to his children or his wife but he didnt want. we had followed him until his car but still he didnt want accept it. we were quite disappointed that time but let's just forget it.

overall we really had a best time! i missed X-03 so much T______________T (we were known as the best solidarity class and i was proud of it)

X-03's girls

narcism with our flower board

our solidarity!

our beautiful, kind, fragrant form teacher mrs.Dahniar

we were I'M 3 !

hottest couple in X-03

with mr.supian, our lovely sociology teacher

with mr.sismanto aka acek, our humorist maths teacher

with ms.ani, our step ahead teacher

i just missed my old class and all the time we had spent together.

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