November 16, 2010

how about studying inside 4-aircon class?

i felt it today. felt like we're studying in arctic and i didnt bring jacket. we were just back from computer lab and when we entered the class,it's REALLY cold. i and ceha shivered since morning and we regreted for not bringing jacket.

i missed makjul too. she's in penang having a check up for her foot. i hope nothing happen and she'll recover soon. i miss you makjul!
note : you can visit her blog QUERADE DIERY

and today one of my friends, catherine, is celebrating her birthday! my classmates prepared a surprised birthday party for her and indeed, she was surprised! im sorry for not giving you any presents, but i wish you a very great birthday! wish you all the best and have a blast!

she was making a wish

cutting her birthday cake

last but not least, taking photos! it's our daily habits

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