November 09, 2010

hacking asoi's bb

today is so much fun!
being the first day bringing bb to school, i and ceha planned to hack her bb.
i mean in positive one, not really hack her bb.
we planned to just change her bbm status.
when she told makjul to keep her bb first, we started our devilish plan.
we changed her bbm status, and makjul sent me various bbm from asoi's bb told me that she was my fans blablabla
i captured it so that it looked like asoi was the one who wrote it.
we put our names in her contact such as "GABRIELLA MANIS", "CHRISTINE IMUT", "JULIANA CANTIK", "VYNLIA THE CUTEST"
i bursted into laugh reading it.
i had saved our conversation in bbm but i wouldnt upload it here as it's for private use.
she hadnt realised it until one of her friends told her and she got angry with us but it's just a while.
then we back to our usual insanity laughing all the time.
i love today! syalala dubeedu

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