November 08, 2010

dvds. around

finishing baker king last week, im turned into sungkyunkwan scandal (skks) now.
i've just watched it until eps.3 because i need another time to study my HSK vocab.
it still half left and i must rush into the end soon.
im anxious about it, but i want to watch dvds too.
after this exam finish, i'll free ye!
we'll have a holiday on 17th nov which means next week.
and 25th nov is teacher's day.
usually our school will make a programme and we get free time for about 3 lessons!
i always love teacher's day!

NB :
i think my girlfriend's boyfriend isnt that good.
so do eat pray love.
my dvd cant be played in the middle, but the point i get is it isnt that attracted.

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