November 13, 2010

class, dream, and reality

i've something to tell!
im gonna join korean class. i hope i can improve my korean after studying it deeper. im an amateur in speaking and vocab but i want to learn more about it! thanks to you who'd told me about this class!

im planning to continue my violin class too, which has stopped for almost 2 years. actually im really interested in it, but when it comes to exercising time im superduperlazy. maybe i'll continue it next year or in early of my university life. after all schedule has fitted, i can set a new one for my violin class. my mom has also agreed me to learn playing piano. not classic, but pop. i think if i learn classic it'll just take some time to become an advance right? it's better for me to learn pop, despite i can learn playing my favourite songs.

and there's something happened yesterday. okay this is just a dream but it's seemed to be true. i dreamt i met TVXQ in New York (NY) when im in the public toilet. it sounded nonsense since im a girl and they are boys. impossible for us to enter the same toilet. but i met them inside the toilet! they're just looking at me and do nothing and im too shocked enough to realise it. then when had left the toilet, in the opposite building they're having fansign event! (im ot really sure of the location) i rushed into it, trying to get nearer to the window and after i had reached it i shouted their names loudly. yoochun looked at me and looked like he recognised that i wa the girl he met inside the toilet. he asked me what i wanted. i say i wanted their signatures in the poster ad when i asked for more poster he gave me more! i thought i got 2-3 posters! i wish this dreams came true. yeah, I WISH.

photo of the day

yoochun is sleeping and he looks so cute!
credit : jaejoong's twitter

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