November 06, 2010


i've just gone back from bunkasai held in literature faculty of USU.
i went there together with my family, SA, and shenni, and we gathered with lawrence there.
we separated when we arrived there.
lucky my mom and my siblings tasted sushi! :S
at first, we planned to enter obake yashiki ( ghost house ) but unfortunately when we arrived there, the tickets were out of stock.
then we went to mochitsuki to see how mochi was made and we decided to try it.
it had a long queue and i was lazy to queue up.
but after thought that this was just once in a year, i decided to queue up.
and less than 5 minutes we has had mochi in our hands!

japanese-mochi-chef acek :D

he was making mochi using traditional stuff

tada! this were our red bean mochi

after eating mochi, shenni wanted to eat another food.
we searched for it.
shenni and SA ate japanese curry rice and i ate roti cane.
when i was queueing up, we found person in anime costume!
i didnt know most of their characters, since i seldom watch anime.
but they were so cool.
cosplay rocks!

japanese curry rice

they were performing

most of cosplay's contestants

aburame shino

my bro wanted to take photo just both of them


ah beautiful japanese sensei!

actually i wanted to take more photos with other contestants, but they wanted to perform soon in cosplay cabaret and my mom had asked me to go home.
pity me.
next year i'll join bunkasai again!

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