October 05, 2010

grandma's 76th birthday celebration

last sunday, i and all my relatives celebrated my grandma's 76th bday.
we made it at hee lai ton restaurant.
i think that's a new one.
the foods weren't bad at all but what i regret were the smelly chili sauce.
chili is indeed very important to me and it's like something's missing if there isnt any chili sauce around my food.
back to my grandma's bday party, we decided to celebrate it on 3rd because my cousins from surabaya planned to come.
they were supposed to arrive medan at 8am.
but they missed the plane!
the plane boarded at 5.30 and they came at 5.15
the gate had closed and the stewardess didnt allow them to enter the plane anymore.
then they bought new tickets arriving in medan at 4pm.
at last we celebrated it without waiting for them since there's another wedding party at night, making this party cant be canceled.

third from the left : my mom!

i and my siblings with my grandma

my younger brother and father

lovely parents

all my boys

and my girls
all of us gather as one

mom and dad

mom and me

im between them!

what were they doing?

cute cousin, brahma

my mom's siblings

cutting birthday cake


vesliana and my little sister

my mom and aunties!
my aunt and uncle

my nephew from surabaya!
isn't he cute?

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