October 03, 2010

get well soon asoi

yesterday we went to visit asoi.
me, ceha, pinle, ave, makjul, freddy, kendrick(kw), albert(AA), filbert(awi).
heading from sc me, pinle, ave fetched makjul at her tuition.
then we met up with ceha at brastagi wajir to buy fruits for asoi.
we plan a surprise visit for her.
we agreed to meet others at gleni's hospital lobby
we went to gleni because we are sure that she's in there.
usually when she's sick, her mom will bring her to gleni.
and when we arrived there and asked the receptionist where her room is, she said no one named sheelly entered this hospital yesterday.
all of us were shocked.
we tried to bbm her but she didnt reply.
we waited for almost 15 minutes when suddenly she replied and said she's in deli hospital, not gleni.
we laughed, and quickly rushed to deli.
makjul wasnt joining us after that, because she has something to do at 6pm.
when we arrived there, asoi laughed and im sure she's happy all of us visit her.
we talked a lot, and i take some photos including asoi stupid face expression!
get well soon ya asoi ♥

she drove us for a day!

waiting for asoi reply our bbm

left-right : ceha, makjul, ave, freddy

asoi's face expression whe she saw we visit her!

her food

left-right : me, asoi, ave

pinle and asoi face :O

makjul's favorite pose!

looking at asoi's rontgen file

what did you hold, ave?!

my friends with asoi's little brother
left-right : kw, freddy, awi, AA
in front : erick

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