October 07, 2010

future study? im confuse.

looks like i've talked about this for thousand times but still, i havent got any decision.
now when my father had allowed me to continue my study abroad, i started to think.
do you know how much is the education fee?
it's not like 1 million or something.
minimal it takes 100 million!
how much money will i spend for my undergraduate and my postgraduate?
just now at school me, ceha, ave, asoi and makjul had talked about this.
what if you had studied hard abroad and at last you just came back to your hometown?
it's useless, i think.
but if you dont have a dream and ambition, nothing you can do.
and all of us also hate when heard someone said "uh woman dont need to study too high" or " i dont want to continue my study after graduate from my SHS"
it looks like you dont fight for what you dream.
everybody has a different dream, and you must try to reach it.
i and asoi hate those sentences SO MUCH.

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