October 27, 2010

bahasa and baker king

finally today is the last day of exams!
bahasa for today and it's quite success compared to physics.
finished exams mean i can watch drama freely! yeha!
last time when i wanna watch drama, exams were approaching in few days more.
it made me postponed all drama that i've planned.
sungkyunkwan scandal, baker king, gumiho, playful kiss, cyrano dating agency.
see? it's too much to be watched in a month.
and i've only 1 month to watch it all since next exams comes on 15 december (maybe)
but just forget it now, let's talk about baker king.
i've just watched until eps.9, but what i say is this drama is really really good!
when i watched eps.2 (imagine!! just eps.2!!) you wont get bored and you feel like you want to watch it all the time.
plus, you'll see how bakers baking cake.
the technic, the ingredients, the recipe, all.

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