October 31, 2010

i hate buffering

this drama. i borrow it from my auntie.
she borrowed me eps.1 until eps.24 since she havent watch the last disc.
and im in eps.24 now, curious about what happening next.
suddenly i thought of watching it online.
actually i hate buffering but im too curious about what coming up next.
i buffered many of the videos and at last all didnt work as i want.
i dont want to spend my free time today uselessly and i still have 6 eps to go!
it means i need 6 more hours geez!
i cant wait for tomorrow.
i want to know the end of the story soon!

October 30, 2010

still. baker king.

spending my days sitting in front of tv watching this drama.
it's too addictive for me.
i started to watch it on tuesday and now im at eps.17!
13 eps to go.
cant wait any longer for that.
after watching baker king im gonna continue to sungkyunkwan scandal.
till now, what i can say for baker king is it's veryveryvery interesting although it's not a miniseries.

October 27, 2010

bahasa and baker king

finally today is the last day of exams!
bahasa for today and it's quite success compared to physics.
finished exams mean i can watch drama freely! yeha!
last time when i wanna watch drama, exams were approaching in few days more.
it made me postponed all drama that i've planned.
sungkyunkwan scandal, baker king, gumiho, playful kiss, cyrano dating agency.
see? it's too much to be watched in a month.
and i've only 1 month to watch it all since next exams comes on 15 december (maybe)
but just forget it now, let's talk about baker king.
i've just watched until eps.9, but what i say is this drama is really really good!
when i watched eps.2 (imagine!! just eps.2!!) you wont get bored and you feel like you want to watch it all the time.
plus, you'll see how bakers baking cake.
the technic, the ingredients, the recipe, all.

October 26, 2010

it's not like what i think

previously i thought something had happened with my modem.
usually i used it in my laptop.
it happened 2 weeks ago when suddenly i couldn't connect to the internet.
i'd tried several times; it didn't work.
i want to take it to be serviced but exams is coming in few days more so i thought better i took it to be serviced after exams had finished.
and just now, i went back from the shop.
it's not my modem having problem.
look like i miss typing something on my laptop.
and tada, in 15 minutes my modem can connect to internet.
what a silly thought.

October 22, 2010

found you

this is the page of TOHOSHINKI EXPO 2010!
how i wish i were in japan now!

October 20, 2010


today has a really cool date.
but what had happened wasnt cool.
today was our first day of exams and i had made mistakes! arghhhh
and i was stressed out because my modem couldnt connect to internet if it were put in my laptop! hah!
too many things to do and suddenly this happened.
i planned to take it to iplug after finish exams.
but something had happened!
JYJ released official mv for chajatta! wuaaaaaa!!

October 09, 2010

worst traffic ever

this traffics is killing slowly.
im out from school at 12.10 and arrived home at 1.30
usually i'll get to school in 15 minutes but this?!
i started to get mad, but what making it worse was my servant forgot to bring our food!
i dont have breakfast for today and im really starving.
and my bb makes me more angry!
im mad and suddenly it's hang by itself.
what a perfect day.

have a safe flight for my mom tonight

October 07, 2010

future study? im confuse.

looks like i've talked about this for thousand times but still, i havent got any decision.
now when my father had allowed me to continue my study abroad, i started to think.
do you know how much is the education fee?
it's not like 1 million or something.
minimal it takes 100 million!
how much money will i spend for my undergraduate and my postgraduate?
just now at school me, ceha, ave, asoi and makjul had talked about this.
what if you had studied hard abroad and at last you just came back to your hometown?
it's useless, i think.
but if you dont have a dream and ambition, nothing you can do.
and all of us also hate when heard someone said "uh woman dont need to study too high" or " i dont want to continue my study after graduate from my SHS"
it looks like you dont fight for what you dream.
everybody has a different dream, and you must try to reach it.
i and asoi hate those sentences SO MUCH.

October 06, 2010

insanity before civics

today is an insanity day.
starting to take pics with ave, and then all of us joined in.
at last, having fun photoshoots with the girls!

left-right : asoi, ceha, ave, me, makjul, pinle, devani

love this one!

with lia and besties

there's lavenna and kekel!

October 05, 2010

grandma's 76th birthday celebration

last sunday, i and all my relatives celebrated my grandma's 76th bday.
we made it at hee lai ton restaurant.
i think that's a new one.
the foods weren't bad at all but what i regret were the smelly chili sauce.
chili is indeed very important to me and it's like something's missing if there isnt any chili sauce around my food.
back to my grandma's bday party, we decided to celebrate it on 3rd because my cousins from surabaya planned to come.
they were supposed to arrive medan at 8am.
but they missed the plane!
the plane boarded at 5.30 and they came at 5.15
the gate had closed and the stewardess didnt allow them to enter the plane anymore.
then they bought new tickets arriving in medan at 4pm.
at last we celebrated it without waiting for them since there's another wedding party at night, making this party cant be canceled.

third from the left : my mom!

i and my siblings with my grandma

my younger brother and father

lovely parents

all my boys

and my girls
all of us gather as one

mom and dad

mom and me

im between them!

what were they doing?

cute cousin, brahma

my mom's siblings

cutting birthday cake


vesliana and my little sister

my mom and aunties!
my aunt and uncle

my nephew from surabaya!
isn't he cute?

October 04, 2010


i was interviewed today!
but for our announcement board material.
the topic is kpop, and my friend chose me as the informant!
thanks to hartaty *hugs*
at first i was surprised when somebody's looking for me.
i thought i made something wrong.
then he confirmed that he was told to interview me.
at last i know that hartaty nominated me to be interviewed.
i answer as good as i can.
who's the best kpop singer? TVXQ.

and tomorrow is our team's turn for the drama.
im anxious and curious how it will be.
wish my team tons of luck for the drama!

October 03, 2010

drama rehearsal

get well soon asoi

yesterday we went to visit asoi.
me, ceha, pinle, ave, makjul, freddy, kendrick(kw), albert(AA), filbert(awi).
heading from sc me, pinle, ave fetched makjul at her tuition.
then we met up with ceha at brastagi wajir to buy fruits for asoi.
we plan a surprise visit for her.
we agreed to meet others at gleni's hospital lobby
we went to gleni because we are sure that she's in there.
usually when she's sick, her mom will bring her to gleni.
and when we arrived there and asked the receptionist where her room is, she said no one named sheelly entered this hospital yesterday.
all of us were shocked.
we tried to bbm her but she didnt reply.
we waited for almost 15 minutes when suddenly she replied and said she's in deli hospital, not gleni.
we laughed, and quickly rushed to deli.
makjul wasnt joining us after that, because she has something to do at 6pm.
when we arrived there, asoi laughed and im sure she's happy all of us visit her.
we talked a lot, and i take some photos including asoi stupid face expression!
get well soon ya asoi ♥

she drove us for a day!

waiting for asoi reply our bbm

left-right : ceha, makjul, ave, freddy

asoi's face expression whe she saw we visit her!

her food

left-right : me, asoi, ave

pinle and asoi face :O

makjul's favorite pose!

looking at asoi's rontgen file

what did you hold, ave?!

my friends with asoi's little brother
left-right : kw, freddy, awi, AA
in front : erick