September 11, 2010

mayday mayday.

today is another great day!
having breakfast at babura with pinle, ave, and makjul.
ch cant join us at babura because nobody can fetch her.
and asoi, she's suddenly canceled her plan with us since her mom is asking her to accompany her to sun.
it ended with four of us.
took many photos inside and outside.
then from babura, we're heading to cambridge.
but because we took the wrong way, we got lost.
what happened when we got lost will not be told here.
it's our secret haha
at cambridge we ate yoghurt while waiting for ch.
pinle cant join us this time because her mom is asking her to bukit lawang.
we went to movie club and watched armored.
it's a great movie!
and since inside the cinema was only four of us, yeah we rocks mamen!
took photos and screamed when our heart's goosebumping!
today really rocks!

help meeeeeee!




what are you both doing?!

we're afraid of you, makjul! :O

which one is mine?

what happened to makjul?

whose hands are those?

randy orton vs. john cena

3 idiots

help makjul!

makjul's pinguin style




makjuls' yoghurt

ave's yoghurt


all green for today <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

oops inside the cinema!


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