September 26, 2010

mirotic day

today is mirotic day!
2 years ago, today and this month, they launched their new album after 1 year and 7 months hiatus.
i was very happy that time, i still remembered it.
and the craziest thing was i bought their album without my mom's permission.
she got mad after knowing it, but nothing can be done.
i've bought it and I WAS VERY HAPPY.
that what had happened to them now is not what i want, but i hope they'll be together soon.
less than 3 months they will celebrate their 7th year anniversary.
i hope i can see them launching another new album again, and this lawsuit gonna end soon.
always keep the faith.

for bonus, i'll give you mirotic mv to complete my mirotic day.
watch it!

we'll be trending #miroticday in twitter in 6pm KST which means 4pm in indonesia.
it's in 30 minutes from now.
spread the word cassies!

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