September 09, 2010

green devil.

i wanna buy a green devil hp case for my phone.
but i've searched for it around 4 shops and none of them sell it.
they sell devil case too, but not the green one.
and I, of course, want the green devil.
hopefully i can get it asap.
and now, i've changed my bang's style.
which one is better?
this one :

or this :

try to download and listen to JYJ's new songs
LINK HERE (credit : ihoneyjoo)
i recommend "W" and "with you always(いつだって君に)"
i love both of the songs' intro.
W is really touching, since it's about five of them.
you can search for the meaning of the lyric.
well いつだって君に i dont know what's the meaning, but still it's very very nice.

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