September 25, 2010


university's life is still a year and half more, but im confused about what major i'll take later.
im quite sure im gonna take faculty of medical and human science, which is school of medicine.
actually it's too early to think about it now.
i only want enough preparation for this kind of things.
my father told me to take undergraduate in indonesia first.
then continue my postgraduate abroad.
and i, want to finish my both undergraduate and postgraduate in abroad.
my father said it would be difficult to get my practical permission if i finish my undergraduate abroad.
i just want something different in my life.
if i follow my father's advice, it means i must wait till 5 years to finish my undergraduate which means in 2017.
that's not a short period of time.
but if i follow my own decision, who will guarantee what will happen in the future?
i hope i wont go back to medan anymore.
i want to live abroad.
people can make plan, but God is the one who decides it.

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