September 15, 2010

생일축해 아빠! ♥ (edit)

today is my father's bday.
i, my mom, my sis, and my bro are planning to give him a surprise.
we act like we've forgotten his bday.
and later in the evening when he go home, we'll give him a bday cake!
sounds good and i hope it will be success :D

and this is the bonus for today.
finally the full version of jyj's sungkyunkwan ost is here.
i've been waiting for a longgggggggggggg time.
i found the download link when i was surfing the google.
listen to it and you'll fall for it.
link : OST. Sungkyunkwan - 찾았다 (JYJ's version)

and last but not least, 생일축해 아빠!

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