September 30, 2010

the last day of september

since today is the last day of september, i have some wish which i haven't fulfilled it yet.
this is my october wish:
1. slimmer, taller, cleverer
2. be a good person
3. correcting my bad behaviour
4. get good scores in all exams
5. more mature
6. watch TVXQ's concert live or meet them in person
7. get the best choice for my university's life
this is what im thinking right now, but maybe i'll add again when i've remembered.

unidentified object.

when i was walking together with ceha and halim, i found something weird on the roof.
it looks like OSIS' jacket, but it also looks like a JHS pants.
can you identify it?

September 27, 2010

success of mirotic day!

yesterday trending was a success!
i dont know the estimate time of how long we've been trending, but im sure it's more than 2 hours!
we started at 6pm and in 32 minutes we've spotted no.1!
it's cassies strength.
i was amazed with those, and keep trending for a long time.
im very happy with that.
it means cassies are always keeping their faith.
no matter what happens, always keep the faith!

and these are what i've captured yesterday

#miroticday grabbed the first only in 32 minutes! awesome!
(im using red to emphasize cassiopeia's color)

cassies and TVXQ were getting on the spot too!
cassie=TVXQ, TVXQ=cassie!

September 26, 2010

mirotic day

today is mirotic day!
2 years ago, today and this month, they launched their new album after 1 year and 7 months hiatus.
i was very happy that time, i still remembered it.
and the craziest thing was i bought their album without my mom's permission.
she got mad after knowing it, but nothing can be done.
i've bought it and I WAS VERY HAPPY.
that what had happened to them now is not what i want, but i hope they'll be together soon.
less than 3 months they will celebrate their 7th year anniversary.
i hope i can see them launching another new album again, and this lawsuit gonna end soon.
always keep the faith.

for bonus, i'll give you mirotic mv to complete my mirotic day.
watch it!

we'll be trending #miroticday in twitter in 6pm KST which means 4pm in indonesia.
it's in 30 minutes from now.
spread the word cassies!

selecta's i-dont-know-who wedding

yesterday i and all my relatives went to selecta attending i-don-know-who wedding.
we gathered, but my best cousin wasnt coming.
i was sad actually.
and i absorbed myself to my bb and becoming bb-autism.
taking photos as usual, since it has become my hobby now.
i admit going to that place yesterday was boring.

it's my daddy (read: uncle) singing! he's the best in it!

September 25, 2010


university's life is still a year and half more, but im confused about what major i'll take later.
im quite sure im gonna take faculty of medical and human science, which is school of medicine.
actually it's too early to think about it now.
i only want enough preparation for this kind of things.
my father told me to take undergraduate in indonesia first.
then continue my postgraduate abroad.
and i, want to finish my both undergraduate and postgraduate in abroad.
my father said it would be difficult to get my practical permission if i finish my undergraduate abroad.
i just want something different in my life.
if i follow my father's advice, it means i must wait till 5 years to finish my undergraduate which means in 2017.
that's not a short period of time.
but if i follow my own decision, who will guarantee what will happen in the future?
i hope i wont go back to medan anymore.
i want to live abroad.
people can make plan, but God is the one who decides it.

September 22, 2010

longtimenosee surabaya's cousin!

my cousin from surabaya (sby) is coming for 3 days since 20 to 22 sept.
she's gone back today but she'll back on 3rd oct with her child and her sis with her child too.
my cousin have moved to sby since she got married in 2008 and never come to medan since then.
we all gathered and treated her medan's cuisine.
we decided to bing her to kwetiau.
i think it's the best kwetiau in medan!
im waiting for 3 oct!

I and brama

my little sister and brata

left-right : brawa, my younger brother, brama

my sby's cousin, cie vera!

who's this?

and special bonus for today!
my friend, stevanie angreny's creativity!
it's from paper clip!

September 18, 2010

holyday, byebye

holiday gonna end soon.
when it's holiday, i got bored at home and hoping to go to school.
when holiday's gonna end, im hoping for another holiday extension.
confusing enough.
i love to go to school, meet my friends, and do other things, excluding exams.
practical exams are okay, but no to teoritical exams.
we are going to have another EXAMS on october, im not sure about the date.
i hope we get holiday again before exams, since many dramas and movies have been waiting in the list.
1. Sungkyunkwan Scandal
2. My Girlfriend is A Gumiho
3. Baker King Kim Tak Goo
4. Cyrano Dating Agency
5. Playful Kiss

September 16, 2010

surprise daddy!

yesterday surprise supposed to be succeeded, but i think my father saw the candle light.
when we went out and brought the bday cake, he said he already known that we made a surprise.
im not sure since my mom said he didnt know that it's his bday at all.
my father said he knew it's his bday.
neither i nor my mom believe it haha
overall, it was a success.
we ended having dinner at lucky king.

this is my father's birthday cake

he's 48 now!

my father and my mom

3 of us

September 15, 2010

생일축해 아빠! ♥ (edit)

today is my father's bday.
i, my mom, my sis, and my bro are planning to give him a surprise.
we act like we've forgotten his bday.
and later in the evening when he go home, we'll give him a bday cake!
sounds good and i hope it will be success :D

and this is the bonus for today.
finally the full version of jyj's sungkyunkwan ost is here.
i've been waiting for a longgggggggggggg time.
i found the download link when i was surfing the google.
listen to it and you'll fall for it.
link : OST. Sungkyunkwan - 찾았다 (JYJ's version)

and last but not least, 생일축해 아빠!

September 12, 2010

happy bday cousin!

my cousin was celebrating his birthday today.
it's about 8 people gathering.
he asked us where we want to it.
but no one can decide and we ended at sushitei.
finished sushitei, we went to cemara.
take some photos there but im kinda lazy to upload.
and the last, happy birthday to my lovely cousin PROTIKNO!

the birthday guy!

our driver for today! haha

all of us for today

me, yumiko, and patricia

brawa, protikno, and brama

brian and brata



me and patricia




stay cute

and stay cool

me, my younger brother, and my little sister

brata and his brother

what do they do to me?!