August 29, 2010

rocking the sun!

today we watch cats and dogs.
at first we planned to watch expendables since many people said it was nice.
but when halim want to buy tickets, he saw cats and dogs.
he phoned us asking whether we wanna watch cats and dogs.
finally we decided to watch it.
it's new and still fresh from the oven, while expendables has been in the cinema for about 1 month.
we took photos at photobox and the result was ARGHHHHH!
we're too panic, and it ended with _____________result.
we decided to take photos again at photobox for the second time after finished watching.
the second result was better.
but the first result wasnt that bad too.
then we bought a laaaaarrrrgggggeeee cup of popcorn.
they're selling the caramel one but what happened?!
there's no small cup!
so we ended buying a large one to share.

and i also bought a new novel!

The Swan by Dewi Ria Utari
i've hunted this novel for a long time and now i've just bought it.
hopefully it's nice!
the photos was still with halim.
he's going to give it to us tomorrow.
i'll post it soon!

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