August 18, 2010

hey you.

physics is damn difficult.
many predicted it would be easy as our material are only 1 unit.
but IT'S WRONG at all.
i think chem is easier than physics.
tomorrow is our holiday since we, science class students, always have a-day-break during test! woho!

hey im falling in love with shinee now. esp key.
dont you think he's really almighty key?
of course he is.
their'lucifer' have really hypnotized me.
i've been waiting for weekends just to watch their performance.
you know what happened last sunday?
i know inkigayo aired on sunday but i thought it aired at the same time with music bank, around 4pm GMT.
i was studying bio and waiting for their performance.
i was going to watch it using live stream.
but what happened?
when i streamed, i saw tons of advertisement NOT inkigayo!
then i asked people there why it were all advertisement and whether shinee performed.
they said inkigayo HAS ENDED.
then i asked actually what time did it aired and you know what.
they said IT'S 2PM GMT T_________________________T
how stupid i am.
i was late for almost 2 hours and still wondering to watch their live.

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