August 30, 2010

patricia's exam

my sister is having her exam tomorrow, but she doesnt feel burden at all.
she's still relaxing, drawing pics in her books.
although there is still some of the material that she hasnt memorized, nothing is being worried.
and im the one who feel anxious.

August 29, 2010

rocking the sun!

today we watch cats and dogs.
at first we planned to watch expendables since many people said it was nice.
but when halim want to buy tickets, he saw cats and dogs.
he phoned us asking whether we wanna watch cats and dogs.
finally we decided to watch it.
it's new and still fresh from the oven, while expendables has been in the cinema for about 1 month.
we took photos at photobox and the result was ARGHHHHH!
we're too panic, and it ended with _____________result.
we decided to take photos again at photobox for the second time after finished watching.
the second result was better.
but the first result wasnt that bad too.
then we bought a laaaaarrrrgggggeeee cup of popcorn.
they're selling the caramel one but what happened?!
there's no small cup!
so we ended buying a large one to share.

and i also bought a new novel!

The Swan by Dewi Ria Utari
i've hunted this novel for a long time and now i've just bought it.
hopefully it's nice!
the photos was still with halim.
he's going to give it to us tomorrow.
i'll post it soon!

August 26, 2010

blessful 16th darling!

today's one of my besties, Christine, is celebrating her 16th birthday!
she the youngest among all of us.
shelly (asoi) is on 2nd march.
vynlia (pinle) is on 3rd march.
aveline (ave) is on 21st march.
I (gabi) am on 19th april.
juliana (makjul) is on 17th july.
and the last christine (ceha) is today, 26th august!
my wish for her : become smarter, prettier, kinder, all -er !!
wish you all the best girls!
hugs and cups

August 24, 2010

vynlia's craziness

vynlia is totally crazy today!
she drew a couple which she named " FREAK & NERD ".
she drew it under my writing about absence of class
first she only drew a girl.
and then she put a glasses, a flower above her head, braided hair, two teeth infront, and nosebleeds!
at last she drew a boy which is as bad as the girl
but this boy is luckier than her.
at least he didnt have a flower in his head!


August 23, 2010


just finished my dinner.
my servant cooked fried plain tofu for today!
it's like i havent eat those for a longggggg time. 1 year?
taste so delicious.

when i was eating, i watched tv at the same time.
but no programs is interesting!
i think it's probably because their fasting period is gonna over for today. and it will ended with "ceramah by ustadz".
when i switched from one channel to the other, guess what's happening?
it all remained the same!
from indosiar until trans7 all were having it for the same time
and finally i watched upin ipin.
i dont hate it but i dont relly like it.
it just funny whille nothing to watch.

August 22, 2010

kpop's loved.

since nothing to do, i'll recommend you kpop songs which i loved now and in the past.
maybe you can download and try to listen it.
1. SHINee - Lucifer
2. TVXQ - "O" Jeong.Ban.Hap
3. TVXQ - Rising Sun
4. SHINee - Noona Neomu Yeppeo
5. Orange Caramel - Magic Girl
6. SUper Junior - Bonamana
7. BoA - Hurricane Venus
8. T-ara ft. Supernova - Time To Love
9. TVXQ - Purple Line
10. CN Blue - Im a Loner
11. SS501 - Love Ya
12. Miss A - Bad girl Good Girl
13. Girls Generation - Run Devil Run
14. MBLAQ - Y
15. U-Kiss - 만만하니
16. Wonder Girls - Nobody
17. Wonder Girls - 2 Different Tears
18. After School - Because Of You
19. T-ara - I Go Crazy Because Of You
20. TVXQ - Crazy Love
i think it's enough for now.
this just a few list of my recommended songs.
it's too many to be mentioned here.
you can try to listen and you decide whether you'll become a kpop lovers like me.

gloomy sunday.

today is so boring or maybe im just the one who get bored?
my rute today: home-babura-p.rame-sister's tuition-home. and having maths tuition.
boring right?
wanna go for refreshing but where should I go?
sun? impossible. unsafe going there now.
brastagi? who'll drive me there?
karaoke? my mom WONT allow me to.
and now what im doing is ownloading shinee's performance for today.
i wish they could win mutizen but it's hard to fight with their sunbae and diva, BoA.
i know BoA will win all charts soon, but please give my shinee 3 weeks straight mutizens T___________________T

August 21, 2010


nothing special from this time bahasa exam.
like usual i just use my insting to decide the answer.
besides i heard a shocking news from my friend about jenny.
she said jenny has passed away.
i told her not to take joke with it because it's about person life.
when i was about to go home, exactly i was standing near the main gate.
we were talking about the answer key when suddenly one of my friend told me this news.
she told me that it's true.
i just cant believe it.
although im not one of her close friends, but i know her.
she's very kind and nice.
she's not the type "i dont know her. so no need to smile with her."

my deepest condolence to jenny wijaya.
may you rest in peace.

August 20, 2010


okay. maybe maths is not as difficult as physics.
but still i made mistakes.
although this time i can answered all the essay, but i've made mistakes in multiple choices.
there will be no perfect score this time! gohs!
tomorrow is bahasa's exam.
i think it just the same whether i study or not.
it always use our analysis to do it. not memorize the text book or whatever.

im waiting for music bank's live stream now.
why it's still 3pm?
4.30pm please come faster!

August 19, 2010


having breakfast with my family at mie kumango.
i woke up at 6am just to join them to have breakfast.
since today is my daybreak, i've nothing to do.
my bro is having his bio test and my sis is attending her class.
im sitting here, in front of laptop and keep downloading things since today's connection is best!
watching shinee hello baby and it's damn hilarious!
oh i havent touched my maths yet.
hope tomorrow's maths wont be difficult. Amen.

August 18, 2010

accidentally find this.

im searching for shinee's video when i find this.
it is about key's scream.
you must have burst into laugh when you watch it!

hey you.

physics is damn difficult.
many predicted it would be easy as our material are only 1 unit.
but IT'S WRONG at all.
i think chem is easier than physics.
tomorrow is our holiday since we, science class students, always have a-day-break during test! woho!

hey im falling in love with shinee now. esp key.
dont you think he's really almighty key?
of course he is.
their'lucifer' have really hypnotized me.
i've been waiting for weekends just to watch their performance.
you know what happened last sunday?
i know inkigayo aired on sunday but i thought it aired at the same time with music bank, around 4pm GMT.
i was studying bio and waiting for their performance.
i was going to watch it using live stream.
but what happened?
when i streamed, i saw tons of advertisement NOT inkigayo!
then i asked people there why it were all advertisement and whether shinee performed.
they said inkigayo HAS ENDED.
then i asked actually what time did it aired and you know what.
they said IT'S 2PM GMT T_________________________T
how stupid i am.
i was late for almost 2 hours and still wondering to watch their live.